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Ecolorica is an Italian company, founded in 2013, based in Turin, that manufactures an innovative material made from a high tech microfiber with an impressive result of polyamide and polyurethane blend.


Ecolorica was born by the initiative and vast experience of specialists in this industry from a major company that have decided to to restart the activity and a production of this material.


Currently Ecolorica is gaining significant part of the market thanks to the high quality materials and consistent support to clients .


Based in Turin headquarters consist of a major department with the laboratory for chemical-physical-mechanical tests and a mini production for the development of innovative products for the specific needs of clients.



Ecolorica is a new high-tech coating material, with its unique characteristics : lightweight , washable and breathable. It is a non-woven fabric with a high technical performance that can perfectly imitate properties of the natural leather.

It is an animal friendly alternative to genuine leather that used in a wide range of Vegan products.
Team of our experts work together in Ecolorica Laboratory to deliver specific tests requested by our clients.
Highly customizable, non-toxic, non-allergenic and non-sensitizing material,as a result of polyamide and polyurethane blend.
ECOLORICA is a product benefiting wide range of industries,automotive ,shoes,upholstery,sports and vegan products.


Ecolorica is a unique High-Tech microfiber that is similar in look and texture to genuine leather.It is an invironmentally friendly material

• Stain and scratch repellent;

• Tested to adhesion,abrasion and flex resistance (passed Jungle test);

• Breathable, lightweight, soft, durable;

• Water resistant;

• Fire and heat retardant;

• Oil and chemical resistant;

• can be embossed, printed and stitched;

• Non-allergic;

• Can be treated by laser under high frequency;

• High resistance to stretching and elasticity.

• Available in a wide range of colors.

• Supplied in rolls and sold by linear meter.

All additional tests are available on request



Ecolorica is a innovative coated material, developed by advanced research . Ecolorica draw inspiration from genuine leather and it is the best alternative that reproduces synthetically the structure of the natural leather and as a result it gives much more advantages: it is soft, elastic, waterproof , fireproof and resistant to a large amount of chemicals.


Ecolorica is made of fine microfibers by an exclusive technological process.
Ecolorica combines high quality and esthetic ,genuine leather-like feel material; comes in a wide range of colors and specific characteristics as breathability , strenghtness, anti stain and scratch , resistant to stretching, abrasions and atmospheric agents.


ECOLORICA PRODUCTS FULL GRAIN MATERIAL: this material is produced by a special white raw material for which we have the supply exclusive for all world. We start from this patent white raw material that it is dyed by tannery technology into the drums and during the dyeing process appears a natural grain ( this is the exclusive of this raw material so this not a coated material, the grain is not printed but appears during the dyeing process);


ECOLORICA PRODUCTS SUEDE MATERIAL: this material is produced by a special white raw material. Inside there are a lot of polyammide (PA) and the quality of the material is better because after the production process the material doesn’t present the wrinkles problem like all other materials of our competitors;


All our items in full grain and in suede version follow the same production process of the natural leather by tannery technology


TECHNOLOGY Ecolorica Natural Product Coagulated Synthetic Coated Synthetic

ECOLORICA material is perfect to produce shoes and bags thanks to his top performances and specific characteristics like the lightness. The thickness of the material is included between 0,4 MM and 3,00 MM and the weight of the material, following this thickness range, is around the half of weight of the natural leather.

ECOLORICA material, in all his versions Suede or Full grain is appreciated by the top brands because the material is completely customized, no toxic, hypoallergenic and no sensitize.

The extreme versatility during the dyeing process and the production process allows to the ECOLORICA material to be used like covering material for furniture.






ECOLORICA material completely satisfies all technical, aesthetical and practical requirements that usually Sport Apparel and Automotive sector need: the material is water repellent and waterproof but is breathable also ; the material is permeable to the water vapor, the material resists to tears, scratches and lacerations.




APPLICATIONS From sport to safety sector... Leather Industry and Sailing sector... Design, Fashion and Climbing... Technical Apparel and Automotive sector...

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